3 day painting fast = ....

"building abstract #1" mixed media on canvas, 11" x 14" $150

A few days of artifact drawing and NO painting seems very long. So today, I cleaned off the work table of drawing materials, dusted off the paints, dug out my wee pieces of Japanese paper, acrylic gel and my palette knife and went to town on this piece. I know it's not REALLY an abstract, but my main focus was the interesting textures of the peeling paint on these old buildings. If you know downtown Lethbridge at all, these buildings are right by Miros' restaurant on 5th street....just across the street and a block or so down from the Penny Cafe. It's from a series of shots I took of the old buildings in Lethbridge last summer. I've been meaning to paint them for a while, but I wasn't sure how to approach them. I love how you can still see some of the original store signs painted on the walls. The buildings I think are still in good shape, but it looks like the owners have chosen to keep the fronts looking kind of battered. It sounds lazy, but it looks really cool. I think there will be a few more in this series...maybe at least 2. There is just something really fun about playing with various media to make these pieces come together.

Some friends of ours recently had a two week holiday in Guatemala, and as I was perusing the photos they posted of their trip on Facebook, I found a few that I want to paint. I think they should be done in watercolor...there are some fabulous punches of bright colors in the outdoor market photo...but I think that is a few paintings ahead of myself. Who needs sleep....I mean really?

New things coming up...I've been asked to donate a painting for a raffle for an archeology conference in Calgary at the end of the month! So cool....and I also get to participate in the Paint Spot Alumni Show that is happening....soon? I'm not sure the dates of the show or exactly what I'm submitting...but check the exhibits section and I will post the info there...and I'm sure I'll make mention of it somewhere on here too.

There also might be some of my work in the new Transcend (Garneau) location...yay! I'll see you tomorrow. Also, this and another piece titled "letters to Nova Scotia II" have been posted in the '2010 works' section.