3 paintings to go and 29 days left in the countdown

"Living Library" book cover series: opera singer mixed media on canvas 11" x 14"

With titles like these you would think I was a numbers person. I guess I could be considered a numbers person....depending on what those numbers involve. I'm good with telephone numbers and can be good with dates. I'm good with inventory numbers but not so great at adding numbers in my head. (Isn't that why we have so many fingers? What's wrong with counting on them?)

This is the 9th cover in the Living Library series. This cover makes me laugh especially because the speakers of this series are supposed to be helping remove the negative or highly typical stereotypes of these professions....and I know the woman who is speaking for this topic....and she does NOT wear horned helmets. She's super sweet and fit and has a killer voice. She also welds....so she is very multi-faceted in her interests. I've had the privilege of hearing her perform a few times and it's pretty stellar and always different. I'm so lucky to have so many talented friends!

Only 3 more covers to go!

Also a big thanks to those of you in Red Deer who have been to the cafe to check out the work that is hanging there. So far the feedback for the show has been great. It's up until the end of the month so no rush, but don't put off seeing it too long....because the show in the lounge in November will be completely different!