3 works on the go, two restless dogs and a post-Christmas blog (and beer!)

(Holiday dog sitting....so the other dog isn't mine. YET. Meaning yes, I am planning on getting another dog this year, not that I'm going to steal the dog I'm dog sitting....although, I have thought about it. But real friends don't steal their friend's nice dogs. Stupid conscience.) Yesterday morning (Christmas Day) I went for a 7k run....from my house, across the High Level Bridge and back. Yes, I am one of those crazy winter runners, but mostly I was doing it to make more room for delicious food. I was tempted to make a sign for my back; "don't laugh, I'm making more room". Justina; 1, food babies; 0.

Today, it's boxing day and I am enjoying some leisure time in the studio...meaning I am working on my OWN things. Nothing pressing. I figured out how to fix one painting who's bird was bothering me GREATLY. Loved the cat. Hated the bird. So this is what the painting LOOKED like:

But it doesn't look like this anymore. I tried to fix the bird. It didn't work...I hated it even more. Fortunately while working on a lovely piece about Rocky Harbor, NL, I had a brain wave about how to fix it and a new title for it. I'll post it later on today as it's just about finished.

And this is the lovely piece I'm working on about Rocky Harbor, NL. It's a belated Christmas gift and it's not done yet. Still needs some ink work.

Before all this began in the studio this morning...a link was posted to an article I contributed to reflecting on this past year and all it's foibles and frolic. It's an Edmonton based e-zine that I have been featured in two previous times...but this time I'm included in the a group of local celebrities and well-to-dos in the Edmonton area. My bit is at the end but I hope you take the time to read the other contributions too. It's nice reading everyone's take on this (almost) past year. Here's to another year of weaving my colorful and random threads into the fabric that makes up this stellar community. Happy reading, and Happy Boxing Day!