300 and counting!

Tonight is a special night....and it just came to my attention a few moments ago while I was formatting the picture of this painting for the website and my archive....this is my 300th acrylic painting! Holy crap. Now, there has been more painted and only two that I don't have pictures of at all. One is housed with my friends who live in India and another was given to friends as a wedding present a couple of years ago. I think the official count if you include little one-a-day paintings in there to is around 320-335...but still! That is a lot of acrylic paintings....and they are spread throughout Canada and in some other areas of the world. Neat!

"the lighthearted" mixed media on canvas, 15" x 30" $560

So here it is. It's not a Newfoundland painting. It's from a photo I took on a lovely walk a few weeks ago in Red Deer with Gershwin. The sun was low and hiding just perfectly behind a small stand of poplar. There is some interference paint to give the leaves an extra shimmer and illuminate the sky in the background a bit. This painting is posted on the site too...and tomorrow will be taken to Transcend Garneau for sale and display. Painting #301 is prepped and ready for it's outline. It's a big one and will take me a few days.

"Brigus from an unknown hill" ink & watercolor on paper in my sketchbook

Brigus was a lovely little harbor town about an hours drive west of St. John's in the South Conception Bay area. For those of you familiar with Kevin Sullivan (producer of Anne of Green Gables, Road to Avonlea series and Wind at my Back) it totally reminded me of a set from a Kevin Sullivan film. There were cute little salt box houses....tiny white picket fences, big old trees, narrow windy roads that could only fit one car at a time...even a lovely little channel that was carefully walled with cobbles that ran through town...complete with wee foot bridges and swimming ducks. Ridiculous and adorable. I parked on a hill and did this sketch in my rental vehicle. It was a very chilly and windy day and the front seat of my Dodge Charger made a very spacious and comfortable watercolor studio. A few locals drove by and looked at me oddly but smiled nonetheless. Had they stopped and asked me what I was doing they at least would have seen that it wasn't anything bad or weird. The lady at the cafe I stopped in at said there were some houses for sale and they didn't have a resident artist at the moment. Tempting....very very tempting.