31 rotations around the sun! (so far)

Yesterday was my 31 birthday. It was also one of the coldest days of the year so far. I painted. I puttered. I emailed. I ate tiny birthday cupcakes for breakfast and ended the day by meeting up with friends over at one of their houses and eating delicious homemade lolly-cake (which really isn't cake at all....but mushed cookies and bits of candy held together by sweetened condensed milk and topped with icing and sugary sprinkles. My pancreas got a gooooood work out!). The blog has been quiet, it's true...but the studio is buzzing. I'm trying not to post previews or works as I finish them, because they've been selling so fast and I really want some new pieces for the show. Pieces that AREN'T already sold, as I've asked to borrow a few, so I don't have to paint 24hrs a day just to have enough. I'm so thankful for how enthusiastic people are getting about my work. It's overwhelming (in a good way) and very astounding! Thank you for looking. Thank you for your lovely comments. Thank you for following me on twitter. Thanks for being a member of my facebook fanpage. Thank you for purchasing work before it's finished. And thank you for reading this blog.

This is the side view of "the great book of art". It's the little ring-bound Hilary brand lined notebook I have been writing down ideas, keeping color swatches and recording random creative thoughts in for the past 12 years now. I am now writing on the back of the last page. Then it's full. I'm a little sad, but at the same time....really excited! There are over 400 paintings recorded in it's bloated pages! (And they are indeed bloated, because one time I was writing down epiphanies I was having while taking a bath...and I accidentally dropped it in the tub. For the record, I read in the tub ALL THE TIME and this is the ONLY BOOK that has ever gone for a swim!) I'm not really sure if I should get another one, or if I should use one of the few sketchbooks I have already on the go as "the great book of art 2". It's a bit of a dilemma, and a silly one at that. Perhaps a flat white and a bit of reading will help me make a real decision about this.

First two Roaming Artist adventures are already booked for 2012. Quebec City at the end of April, and Saint John in mid-June! Almost makes me wish winter were over...but then, winter really only just got here middle of last week. I've been living in my long johns for days! It's been cozy and glorious!

Stay warm.