39 days and counting...

"Living Library" book cover series: military mixed media on canvas 11" x 14"

Wow! The days are in the thirties now for Newfoundland and there is so much to do still! It's all coming together quite nicely though...and I'm not feeling so overwhelmed and frantic. Of course today being a day off from the cafe with the promise of mountain time for the next couple of days is helping keep the frantic part at bay. So is the running and yoga.

Book cover #7 is complete and #8 is papered and outlined and ready to start on. Last night I also outlined a fabulous prairie landscape from my trip home last time from the Maycroft area in southern Alberta. There is something so captivating about the lines in fields that have just been hayed that have a blue mountain backdrop. All in all last night was a surprisingly productive evening after a nine-day-in-a-row stretch of opens at the cafe. (Phew....so glad there was coffee.) I've created an album for this series of book covers and seeing them all together kind of reminds me of a comic book. The half drawn half painted style. I'm wondering how this style would work for a landscape. I did a couple of urbanscapes of Granville Island in Vancouver a few years back using ink on top of the paint. I didn't use the paper, but I liked how they turned out. It might be something I keep in mind for the November show....building and urbanscape abstracts. I hope there is time today to get out with my camera and take a few shots to start preparing for that show. I'm going to use bigger canvases for that one...I'm thinking 18" x 24" and up. Gabriel challenged me to paint bigger and as much fun as the little canvases are, I'm finding it really satisfying these days taking longer working on the larger pieces.

That being said...I hope to finish cover #8 and this landscape that I started last night. The outline is so great....and it makes me very excited to head down there tomorrow.

I'm pretty sure you won't hear from me until after the weekend, so I hope you enjoy yours!