I know...I know...what the heck, right? An entry with no picture the day after no entry at all? No, I'm not REALLY slacking...but I am in Lethbridge and left my handy-dandy laptop at home along with my sketchbook. It's been known to happen...sometimes it's nice to have a break from technology and the need to be constantly plugged in...so I gave myself a few days of travel time and a real day off to enjoy my time in Lethbridge. Dropped off the paintings at Edit, had lunch at the Penny and began the morning with a nice ramble on the coulees with Gershwin. I took some awesome pictures for painting and tampering with...but since this is not my laptop with all my programs on it...I can't post them this evening to show you. But they are lovely and some will be turned into paintings....so don't you worry! I only arrived here yesterday evening, spent today visiting and dropping off paintings, and leave for Eddy tomorrow morning...so it was a short trip. (that is the other reason I didn't bring the laptop) Plus, I wanted to concentrate on getting some new photos...it's been so long since I just took photos. My Halifax trip...I think. The scenery is so lovely down here this time of year...and I got to capture some nice early morning moments on the coulees. I still have some stellar downtown shots I took in the summer that haven't made it onto canvas...yet! But they will...and very soon.

Alright, I'm going to continue with the rest of my day off. I'm eagerly anticipating great dinner...and am sipping a lovely cognac that pairs well with the book I'm reading. Happy evening!