A bit of abstract thinking

"building abstract #13: over in Garneau" mixed media on canvas, 18" x 24" (unfinished version)

Sunday evenings are typically when I begin to settle in my 'weekend'. That probably sounds odd, but lately my days off from the cafe have been Monday and Tuesday. It's a good time to think about what I want to accomplish creatively on my days off. I try to get into the studio by 8am, and work fairly steadily on painting, posting, recording ideas and just doing general puttering in the studio. Christmas is coming and it tends to get pretty busy with painting sales and last minute commissions. It's really fun, but hard to stay on top of sometimes and still fit in things like running, cooking and vacuuming Gershwin hairballs and other household chores. This evening has been fun as I'm wrapping up a building abstract for my January show, as well as finishing up some housewarming gifts for friends that are a wee bit overdue. It's hard to stay focused at this time of year. I want to bake, decorate, catch up with friends that pass through town, Christmas shop, paint Christmas gifts...etc. I'm sure you feel my paint. This evening is a great example. Gershwin and I took a lovely winter walk through our neighborhood at sundown. It was really cloudy so everything is bathed in a deep purple with flecks of orange and warm gold from street lights and people's houses....and it just makes me want to get into the studio and paint winter scenes. Nooooo.....I have a small list of other things to work on...but, but I want to paint winter scenes. Aaaaaah!

No, I was good. Came home and plugged away on things that need to get done. Building abstract #12 (above) from the Garneau neighborhood of Edmonton. So much lovely red and individual bricks darn in black and white ink. I'm using acrylic ink for the black now instead of india ink. Unfortunately once I put the ink down, there is no adding layers of gel as it smudges it even when dry. Boo. Oh well, it just makes me map these paintings out in my head a little better. Love brick houses! I wish there were more of them around.

All that is left to be done on this one is some ink for the tree branches in the foreground, sign and then done.

I'm not quite done with Newfoundland sketches and the little stories that go with them...I guess I'll continue on with that next time. Stay warm!