a bit of Amy's garden

I finished this piece the other day, and hung it in the cafe where I work sometimes.

a bit of Amy's garden, mixed media on canvas, 30x36, $1620

a bit of Amy's garden, mixed media on canvas, 30x36, $1620

I love how the blue flowers just pop! I shared the finished version with Amy, and she was very pleased, so much so she shared my photo on her instagram feed! I'm always grateful for the nice comments people make about my work, but it's an extra treat when other artists complement me, especially when I am a huge fan of their work.

One day I hope to have a small garden as beautiful as this. I miss puttering around with plants and flowers. My first job was in a greenhouse. I worked at Parkland Nurseries for 4 summers. My last 2 summers there, my job was planting the planters of various businesses about town, like Earl's patio, the Millennium Center's planters, and other restaurants and private residences. It was great choosing plants based on the texture of their foliage, whether they trailed or bushed or grew tall, and what their colors were, and watching them flourish in the greenhouses until they got picked up. The explosion of life and color, and the amazed faces of customers as we helped them load our creations into their vehicles and off to their new homes. Good times. I seem to gravitate towards occupations that make me dirty. Things I can physically put my hands to. Drawing. Painting. Planting. Making coffee. Exploring. Getting dirty is where it's at for me, I guess. 

The photo this painting is based off of is here. Amy's work is lovely! I first spotted it in Trinity Gallery in Saint John's, NB. It was my first visit to that city, but not to the province. I love how Amy's paintings seem to move, her lines and brush work remind me of sunlight moving through the leaves of trees being blown about by the wind. Her work is definitely worth checking out.

Hooray for mutual admiration societies! Happy Friday.