A bit of history

"old timer" acrylic on canvas, 20" x 24" $600

I got lost in the woods by the high level bridge at lunch today. Well, not REALLY lost...but I didn't have a watch and I did lose track of time a bit. It was really noisy in the cafe today, so on my break I grabbed a cinnamon bun and took a walk to the bridge...and lo and behold there were trees and a trail in the trees and away I went. It was so lovely and green and (fairly) quiet. A perfect way to spend my break. I love coming across things like that unexpectedly. Makes the day far more interesting and helps me to appreciate where I live.

This little anecdote has nothing what-so-ever to do with the finished painting...except that I had a good time painting this from the photo my friend Justin took. What is it about old trucks? Stories of a bygone era maybe, the fact that they are old and have a history. Who rode in them?  Where did they come from?What was the last trip the vehicle was driven on before it was parked and left to the elements? Why didn't someone fix it?

And who's going to end up with this painting and what is their connection to it?