A bone to pick...or draw...

The site is almost back to normal...save for the annoying link embedded in the home page at the bottom...don't click on it for "luxury handbags" and "cheap soccer jerseys"....who know what you'll get! Hackers are lame. Some of the photos on the blog couldn't be reloaded because I either deleted them or didn't label it with a caption, so I forgot what I posted. Most of them were reloaded...so now I am back in business! There is no photo today either, and it's not because I'm not in my studio...but because I'm working on drawing artifacts for the next couple of days. I will post pictures of them, but right now they are just preliminary pencil drawings...kind of hard to photograph and post. When they are inked, I will provide you with some examples.

The "Inspiration" show at Edit went very well. Made some new friends, got to see some older friends, talked a lot about creative processes and had some lovely wine too! The paintings and photos are still up, so by all means stop in if you haven't done so.

The jelly fish paintings both ended up selling to new mums for their kid's rooms. I had no idea that they would be so popular! They sure were fun to paint. So far they are just two paintings of them...but I think there will be some more. It's just such a fun subject matter to work with....well, why not?

I'm about computered out for the day I think. Time to get drawing and then go for a run. May long weekend is coming up quick...and I want to be in good shape to run the half marathon and not injure myself for the hiking and camping season! Happy Monday!