A brush with opportunity

"street lamp" pen & watercolor on paper

I love Edmonton. I mean, I liked it OK when I first moved here....but I'm really starting to LOVE it. Especially since I've started meeting other artists and am finding more opportunities to display my work..AND possibly teach! Not to mention that yesterday four of my little paintings sold at my show at Mandolin Books & Coffee! Sweet! (Show is on until the end of this month!)

I've also been having fun with the blank postcards I got at the art store the other day. This is only the second one so far...but I'm coming up with more and more ideas for them as the days go by. Nice to give the watercolors a work out for a bit. Today's postcard is from shots I took of my old neighborhood in Red Deer. I'll finish a few more, and send them off to their lucky recipients. It's very handy traveling with your camera. You just never know if you will see something that will inspire a creation later. Sometimes it's just colors I want to capture, or textures. In this case I love the texture and color of the bright yellow leaves along side the weathered wood of the street lamp post. Good ideas are all around, so I had better get back to getting some of those ideas on a few more postcards.

Happy Monday!