A call of interference

"southern Alberta winter" acrylic on canvas, 8" x 10" $80

Lately my work/life balance has been....well....not so balanced. I get caught up in things that need to be done, or that I think NEED to be done...and it's been leaving me little time in the studio. Yesterday was a good example. I'm taking a class at the University, just for interest sake, and I was feeling stressed because I hadn't done the reading for it yet, and Gabriel looked at me and said; "Don't let the reading interfere with the painting."

I'm cute, but not all that brilliant sometimes. So I put the book away, (I'm not even getting graded on the class, but I love being a keener!) and painted this little guy, that I'm super stoked about. It's from the pictures I took when I went on patrol with Gabriel's dad at Christmas. I think we were headed to Police Outpost Park when I took this shot. If you are familiar with that area down south, I believe Chief Mountain is just off the to the right...but I loved the long morning shadows in this view. Most of the 'hills' in the background are heavily snow covered trees!

So, first I paint....and all those other job-type things come after.