a couple of owl lovers

I've been working on a lot of commissions lately. The subject matter has been pretty diverse. Someone's front door, a family in a field, some landscapes and then this....er....portrait of a lovely couple.  A friend of mine commissioned this from me. "They love owls," she said. "Can you put owl heads on them instead if I email you some photos of them?" Heck yes I can! And I did.

I just love anthropomorphizing animals. I'm not really sure why....maybe because I read a lot of Beatrix Potter as a kid, who knows? My friend is so happy with how this turned out that she asked if I can display it at the cafe for a bit, so it's heading there tomorrow to replace the 3 little animal paintings I hung the other day that are all sold.

Last commission before my trip to New Brunswick (Tuesday!).

(Happy sigh.)