A fine morning

"the shoes that go with the dress" mixed media on canvas, 5" x 7" SOLD

It's Saturday morning, it's snowing lightly and there is just a hint of frost on the trees. This morning it looks like winter...there is no hint of spring or melting...even the birds are quiet. It's lovely, and mornings like this make me wish I knew the trails in Edmonton better....or that I was in Red Deer, where I know the trails very well. It's the perfect morning for a walk with Gershwin in the woods.

But for right now I'll settle for peace and quiet in the studio...which I have.

After much thought and a little trial and error, I have decided on a style for the show I'm working on that I really like. TA-DA. It's kind of quirky and fun. It still needs a bit of fine tuning, but I guess that will be part of the process of creating these pieces. I will post them here and in the gallery section as they are completed.

Alright...back to it! Happy Saturday.