a first

It's nearly finished; Coltrane's first painting.

Her and me and my favorite shoes, standing on the back porch earlier this fall watching Luke bark at the neighbors across the alleyway. She's growing so fast. Before I left for Toronto last Thursday, I had the move the back wall of her crate back another few inches. After I got back from Toronto,(after only being gone 5 days) Coltrane seemed like she gained 2 inches in height! I'm not sure how big she'll be. Her dad was around 100lbs and her mom was around the 60-70lbs mark. We might need a bigger crate in the end.

She turns half rabbit on our winter walks, bounding in place and jumping at Luke; kicking up bits of snow with her giant paws. Today she discovered she can eat the snow, and she does with great gusto and head shaking at it's coldness. It's fun and tiring to watch. Still, she's pretty calm for a puppy and a golden retriever.

So today we are celebrating our growing relationship with snowy walks, sleepy snuggles, multiple play times and an almost finished painting. All enjoyed in the absence of pants. Yea, no pants!

Happy Saturday