A great escape

Someone please....please get me out of the city. I have about reached my limit of consecutive days with no open roads, large amounts of trees and open skies not obscured by very tall buildings. I need some prairies, or some coulees, or some mountains....or something. I need out of Edmonton!

I've been thinking about it so much lately, the contrast between cities and nature that I've begun a series of paintings about it. I have some really interesting imagery in mind...some inspired from photos I've taken of reflections of buildings within the windows of adjacent buildings, some from the towering trees of Haida Gwaii but mostly from a slow Sunday morning working at the cafe about two weeks ago. I was standing by the till and to my right we have a glass topped pastry case on the counter. (it's literally a box of glass with no back, so we can put the pastries in it). The cafe is on the corner of a busy intersection and it's mostly windows along the two outside walls. I was seeing buildings outside, but the reflection on top of the pastry case was of clear sky and birds flying. Bingo! What a contrast....tall buildings stretching into the sky like a fabricated forest and instead of other buildings being reflected....my true desire that day, (to be out of the city and wandering on top of the coulees with Gershwin) was being reflected instead.

"the great outdoors" acrylic (and soon to be ink too!) on canvas, 20" x 24" unfinished version

This is the first painting (not finished) of I'm not sure how many. I have a couple different images in mind, and as these are mostly derived from my imagination, it will take me a bit longer to figure out how to translate them onto canvas....but I'm excited about them and working as quickly as I can.

Man....I cannot wait until March 6 when I head to Victoria. Ocean air and not super cold. It's still a city....but it's a small escape from this one and will be a very welcome break.