a lightening

There is a strange, actual physical 'thing' that happens to me when I finally release a new batch of paintings out into the world. My breath fills my whole lungs, top to bottom with greater ease, I sit up straighter, I feel.....lighter. Like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Then almost immediately I want to lie down. Maybe not to sleep, but just to relax myself as completely as I can.

I just posted all the new work to this site, and to my facebook fan page. All that is left to do is write up the tags, gather all the pieces into the car and drive the 3+ hours to Rosebud to go and hang this show.

And then I get right into the next one, which goes up July 20th in Blairmore. I already started today while I was thinking about what to name some of the new pieces.

It's an iconic dove with a knife and a brisket in a Cowichan sweater. Exactly what it looks like.

On Saturday July 11 and Saturday Aug 1, I'll be doing some live painting in the Akokiniskway Gallery in Rosebud. If you have questions about my work, want to watch a bit of my artistic process, or just get out of the house and see some lovely countryside, you should. Summer road trips in Alberta are one of the best things about summer. I'll try to keep the bad jokes to a minimum and not get paint on your clothes. I may snuggle your dog, though. I do that sort of thing, snuggle other people's dogs.

Summer has begun! Happy Sunday.