A list of things to forget

"overwhelmed: have-to's vs. get-to's" ink on paper in my sketchbook

Isn't that normally the way it is with packing? You make lists, you check them as you pack, you DOUBLE (and for the OCD types...) even TRIPLE check them....and inevitably you forget something. Currently I am working on that list as I get ready to head to the NWT with Gabriel and the Gersh. Nuthin' like unibroue and nachos at 11pm on a Monday night to help you pack....

The sketchbook and the highway both have been well used commodities in my life as of late. This past weekend we were down in Lethbridge visiting family and now back in Eddy for two days of work and then heading north of the 60th parallel tomorrow afternoon. Not a lot of time for painting, but lots to reflect and get things on paper. This is one of two sketches I did this past weekend. I was sitting on a lovely patio just before the sun baked it....Gershwin was lolled in the grass panting and catching some rays and I started thinking about all the things I want to paint, reading emails about up coming exhibit and donation opportunities....and I started getting really anxious! Promptly I left my sketchbook and lay in the grass in the sun with Gershwin and practiced my yoga breathing. These aren't have-to's I reminded myself...these are get-to's and you already have a fair bit on the go. Then suddenly I got this great image of Morley under this mountain of papers and went and drew it in my sketchbook. Amazing how putting these things into words or images helps you put them into the proper perspective....even if the lines are still wonky.

Alright....off to finish packing and then to bed and onto northern adventures. There will be no laptop accompaniment...so you shall have to wait until after July 6 for sketches and reports from the northwest territories......so be good while I'm gone.