A little bicycle goes a long way

"him & his suitcase" mixed media on canvas, 8" x 10" $80

It's done. Finito! This is the last painting for "Re:cycled threads". It's already been posted in the gallery section and tomorrow the paintings get packed into little car, and after class we gently wind our way down to the South end of this fair province to deliver the pieces to their temporary home. It was fun...I used up most of my ink, a few buttons....and am now tempted to do a show involving mass quantities of argyle...but that is for another time.

I finished this little guy this morning, and had a bit of the afternoon to savor it, as opposed to plunging right into the next project. (The plunging is starting this evening instead, after a nice walk with the Gersh to help aid the taco salad through my system....mmmm....meat salad!) I often don't leave myself enough time between projects to enjoy being finished...so this year I'm trying really hard to give myself time between things...rather than stacking shows right on top of one another. So far there is just this show, the show at the University (which is done, but is getting few additions), and artwalk. Next year is looking a little more hectic. Still waiting to hear on a couple of proposals...but between 3 possible shows and a wedding and honeymoon (my own!!) it will be a VERY busy year. It's nice to have things to look forward to.

I'm really happy with how this little guy turned out. His coat has real buttons on it...and in person you can faintly see the patterns of the paper and writing that are on the canvas. I think he goes nicely with "little polka dots". The two of them together remind of the Pinky & Blue Boy paintings my grandma and her neighbor had. Have you ever seen those? Pinky is this lovely young lady in a pink dress...kind of Jane Austen style, and Blue Boy is...well...in a light blue suit and breeches. They are often alone in their pictures. I wonder if they were a couple. I think there are porcelain dolls of them too...by Royal Doulton. Lovely pieces...I wonder if they ever ended up together...Pinky and Blue Boy?

I hope so.

Onto landscapes...and then fish!