A little heart can go a LOOOOOOONG way

I've only lived in Edmonton about a year and a half now, and in that time I have made some really great friends. Some of them are art related and some of them aren't. Some of them I have never met face to face (yet), like the very kind gentleman who has recently showcased my work on his online magazine "i heart Edmonton". He showcased my work about a year ago after seeing my work at Mandolin Books & Coffee. We tried to get together to do a face to face interview, but couldn't make our schedules jive, so we did what is so 2010 and played 20 questions via facebook. New artist in town, stellar intro article....and a year later, Emil Tiedemann spots my trolley car painting and wants to showcase it for "i heart Edmonton". Heck yes! Here is the link for the article. It also includes a very nice little plug for my upcoming Sugarbowl show....which I finally decided a name for! (Amazing what a little pressure can do!)


Tomorrow is a studio day....and I'm hoping to have a small series continuation to share with you by the middle of the week. I've had some great thoughts about my crow & dandelion painting and how to continue it in a little series. They are only rough sketches in my idea book now....but they are going to look super-fantastic on canvas!

Now to sleep off my Laotian food baby. Yay Edmonton!