A little less structure on a Friday night

Oh, Friday night...

"building abstract #16: the Battery (St. John's, Nfld) mixed media on canvas, 20" x 24" unfinished version

I was going through photos of past building abstracts last night....and realized that I wasn't a huge fan of the direction they are going. The first few I was more focused on texture, color and perspective....and not necessarily being accurate with any of those things. (ie. using brighter colors, exaggerating the textures and making the perspective a tad wonkier than it should be) I noticed they are getting a little more illustrated looking...and less abstract. Well, time for a little less "structure" then.

I want them to be recognizable as buildings....and MAYBE even identifiable as to which buildings (if you are familiar with the area)...but really, who cares if the color is at all accurate, or if the paper blends perfectly in with the paint or if the brush strokes go outside of the red outline I painted on? I detest when I get so wrapped up in making things just so that I lose the spontaneity of the building abstracts. This is what it looks like so far. There is still some inking left, along with another layer of self-leveling gel BEFORE I ink, and some micaceous iron oxide to add some texture to the darkened windows.

Yup....gettin' all wild and crazy in the studio on a Friday night. Look out!

Happy Friday