a matter of perspective

I am trying not to be cranky in this heat. 30 + degrees today in Edmonton....and it's set to stay at that all week. I am a slightly sticky not-so-roaming-artist at the moment. The studious little flat is pretty toasty. I am really looking forward to the autumn. It's not unbearable....but this weather is certainly not my ideal. Can't summer be overcast and 18-20 degrees? That way you can wear pants or a summer dress and not be in a constant state of slightly damp. Ok, that is my weather rant. No more about that. When the bearded dude and I were down visiting our friend Ron in Maycroft a few weekends ago, we made a quick visit to Waterton. The bearded dude had never been there. The town was swollen with tourists and it was a relatively calm day for wind (considering Waterton Park is a naturally occurring wind tunnel) and weather. The three of us had a lovely stroll along the shore of Waterton Lake and I spotted this sign, which made me laugh:

So....I guess, this is the "dance with deer" area of the town campsite. Makes sense to me! Nice open green space....lots of room for a DJ to set up and lots of room for dancing. Obviously that is not REALLY what the sign is trying to communicate. But me, being....well, me; saw it as a place marker for safe areas to dance with deer. Such silliness just depends on the day, right?

And speaking of silly animals, here is one of the pieces I finished for art walk. It's Mad Men themed but I made the character Joan into a really vivacious bird:

"joan cardinal"

mixed media on birch panel, 10" x 10"

I'm posting this to the blog because I made the mistake of messaging a picture of this piece to a friend in New Brunswick in my excitement of how the finished piece turned out, (that and I love posting pictures of my works and can't seem to stop myself) and she decided to buy it. Hooray! So I HAD 8 new small pieces to add to my collection of works to sell at this weekend's art walk....and now I am down to 7 new pieces. But there are 3 more pieces in the works! My display is still in good shape. No worries.

Stay hydrated and sane and cool in this heat wave. And if you aren't enduring a heat wave at the moment.....you are a lucky, lucky person.