a most forceful encounter with a sidewalk

My phone died. It took a tumble onto the sidewalk from a bit of a height and with some force behind it and won't turn on. I was hoping to get a new one this fall anyway....something that would support an instagram account. The situation has now been expedited. I went to the mall this evening and looked at phones and talked to people about phones. I walked around the mall to decide what to do. I saw a lot of mall rats. There were cranky families and crankier, noisier kids and a lot of really bored looking shoppers....so, I left. I didn't get a phone. I will, soon. I'm rather enjoying the peace that comes with not having a cell phone, but I know I eventually need to get one. We don't have a landline. It's terribly convenient and I like taking photos of random things I'm doing at random times and posting them to twitter. Sometime before I leave for London I will get a new phone. Until then it's social media and email to get a hold of me.

So my studio time should be super productive, right?