A photo finish

"what!" ink & acrylic on canvas, 8" x 16" $160

Well the the snow didn't fall and the official time hasn't been posted yet....but I think I finished the half marathon somewhere in the 2hr 33min mark. Not bad for half marathon #3. Recovery is going well...a little bit of soreness but otherwise mobile and wearing my race shirt proudly...and looking forward to the 10k in the fall. Every run between now and then will seem easy!

The raven is done....and I love him. He's got fabulous ink detail on his wings and head...no interference paint though. I had thought about adding some, but I don't think it would suit the piece. As I was finishing this painting I remember jotting down some ideas for a painting involving the word 'what' in it a few years back. I had ideas of something abstract with interesting colors with a small negative space at the bottom with the word 'what' in it, but the painting just never clicked until now. I'm so thankful I got into the habit of jotting ideas down...even if its' something I never use, they help spur on OTHER ideas or I end up building on the original idea...like in this case. He looks a little guilty....maybe did you catch him rummaging through your trash, or eating the remains of something smeared in the alley? That is kind of the look I think he is giving you. "What! What are you looking at!?"

There are 6 blank canvases in the studio...and I'm not really sure what is coming out next. You will be as surprised as I am when I post! Hope your long weekend was good.