a portrait of a tiny Edmonton hero

Edmonton got saved from a terrible case of the 'Mondays' last week. Instead of just the same ol' social media banter about the upcoming election and other aggravating and discouraging news, we had the Captain of the Oilers kidnapped by a mysterious caped villain. The EPS needed help to get him back.

Apparently Spider-Man flew in from New York and employed the help of Edmonton's own tiny hero, whom none of us had heard of. Yet.


It was the best hashtag to follow on social media for hours! I teared up several times. It was pretty inspiring who and how many people got involved. Some visual artists jumped onto the bandwagon and created 'Spider-Mable' themed pieces, so I thought I would put my hand to the task too. All heroes should have portraits of themselves, especially for those dark and lonely times when your cause doesn't seem as clear as it did the day before. This piece isn't for a fundraiser though. It's just for her. I'm sending it on it's way tomorrow. I hope she likes it.

Shortly after I posted my the original image on my IG account, someone kindly pointed out to me that Mable didn't spell her name the usual way (I had flipped the 'l' and the 'e'). $&*@!!  I have no idea how on earth I missed that between the hashtags, the posts on Twitter and all that. Anyhow, I did, and I have since corrected my mistake. Thank you kind stranger on IG for pointing that out to me, so I didn't send her a portrait with her name spelled wrong on it!