a puddle fer yer thoughts

I can't remember if I've shared this with you or not yet, but I kind of made it my unofficial mandate to paint more local scenes this year. That is, the radness that is the city I live in. Edmonton. So far I've painted some well known Edmonton signage, a few well known buildings including the Princess Theatre and as of now I have completed one piece of the current Walterdale Bridge.

I have shown only outlines or various unfinished stages of a few of these pieces on my instagram feed. I haven't posted the finished pieces anywhere. I've been contacted by a few people now wanting a peek at some of the new pieces, but I'm being a pain and refraining from showing them. Partly this is because I'm not altogether certain what I am showing where yet, as I will be participating in the Boyle Street Plaza Pop-up Market the last weekend in May, and showing a few pieces in the Fort McLeod Allied Arts Council at the beginning of June (until mid-July), and partly because I'm building an inventory for the busy art show season ahead. My apologies to those I have been in contact with. I only have so much time for painting and everything else I love and need to do. Yard work season is also upon us. Hiking season will be starting soon and I've worked hard the last few weeks to get back into running, which I've been enjoying immensely. So many things. So little time.

Tonight I thought instead of just posting a peek of what is currently on the easel to my IG feed and leaving it at that, I thought I would share it on here. Earlier this....er.....sprinter, we'll call it, I had a few walks with the dogs around my neighborhood of Parkallen to capture some of the wonderful puddles in the paved alleyways.

Now I'm working on getting them onto canvas. I have begun one so far:

a puddle fer yer thoughts I, 30x30 (in)

a puddle fer yer thoughts I, 30x30 (in)

I'm quite excited for these pieces. I've only painting pieces with reflections in them a few times, but they've all turned out great. I think. Well, the buyers had no complaints at any rate.

So this is one of 8 things I'm working on this weekend. Hopefully you have wonderful things planned also.