a return to older practices

We watched "Exit through the gift shop" the other night on netflix. For other ludites out there that aren't up to speed...it's a documentary about street or graffiti artists. Very cool styles and ideas....pop art meets a potential criminal record kind of thing. Anyhow, a lot of the artists were making their own stencils which was interesting. It would speed up the making of multiple images. A few days later I began work on this painting of Gerswhin and wanted a bit of a patterned background, but didn't want to paint it all by hand because it would take ages. (insert genius light bulb here!) I'll make a stencil.

I hadn't made or used stencils since college when painting sets that had to have a wallpaper effect. Old file folder, self-healing cutting board, exacto knife and a little fancy finger work and presto! Vintage wall paper stencil complete for the background.

"i get better reception this way"

acrylic (and soon to be ink) on canvas, 12" x 16"

Yes my dog had to pose with his cone so I could take this picture and create the painting. Yes he got a cookie and no he doesn't really mind the cone. (at least not so much that I have to corner him to get it on) He does kind of look like some kind of strange satellite dish though and I've only done one drawing, one watercolor and one acrylic painting of him....so this one will be piece #4 where he has been the subject matter.

Such a good boy.