A story of their own

bone drawing, ink on paper

Hi! I'm not dead. I was sick with a head cold and then I was down in the Crowsnest Pass for a bit and working daily at the cafe...it's been a little crazy. I'm right on track to finish up my projects before my trip, so that's exciting. I am also officially on the roster for the NOA (Night of Artists) 2011 season and I sold a painting today at the cafe in the Garneau area. Pretty sweet, all in all. That is the inspiration behind today's post. The drawing above is one of many bone drawings I'm working on for the University of Lethbridge. (I don't have a list of things I can't do....I have a list of things I haven't done YET!) I just wanted you to see it so you don't think I've gone and fallen off the creative wagon or anything...

I have some paintings on display at the cafe where I work - Transcend Garneau - here in Edmonton. I change them around every 4-6 weeks and hung my nice southern AB landscape called "along highway 22" at the back by the condiment stand. This morning a lady came in and asked if she could purchase it. She said her and her husband have driven that road a lot, and it's their favorite place in all of Alberta. She also said it was going to be housed in their solar powered house in the Crowsnest Pass. Perfect!

I love selling my paintings and all of my paintings have a story behind them. Their stories are inspired by things I see, places I go, music I listen to, or photos that friends have taken (if I haven't been there or they got a better photo op than me). But what I REALLY get a kick out of is when someone identifies with the subject of the painting and has their OWN story about it. They've been there or looks very similar to some fond thing from their past. It's great when people buy a painting just because they love it, but there is definitely something to be said about the satisfaction I derive from a mutual connection between subject matter and the buyer. I hear it's supposed to be a Christmas present for her husband.

I'm thinking she might give it to him early.