a summer of sketchiness begins

Summer literally began on Friday. Winter to summer...BOOM. No intermediate 'hey, let's ease into the heat' type thing. Nope. Not Alberta. You were chilly yesterday and today you are a pasty puddle in shorts. Summer makes me a bit cranky. I have a hard time coping. Cold weather I can dress for. Summer? I'm not really a shorts person. I get irritated by scantily clad folks strolling down Whyte Ave (ladies with shorts so short I can see the bottom of their bum cheeks and dudes with no shirts on. Folks, it's a street. Not anywhere near a body of water or a beach like setting. Jeepers!). The studious little flat gets very warm and the paint begins to dry too quickly. I have encountered all these things in the span of 3 days. I am not ready. What happened to +15? It's OK to shake your head at me. But please note, never once have I written on here (or said to anyone. ever.) that I was normal or cool. I should have been born in the Yukon or Northern Coastal BC or something. Anyhow, enough ranting about the sudden summer. The weather is very great for sketching, which I did a number of this weekend.

Here they are:


One of my favorite things to do when traveling is ask friends about good places to eat and drink. Good coffee is a must. I am not a fan of Timmy Ho's (bad Canadian, I know!) so where do you go in Jasper? A friend told me to go to the Snowdome Coffee Bar. Great espresso machine he said. He was right. The coffee was tasty, the espresso machine was very cool (if you are a coffee geek and into that sort of thing) and to boot....the cafe was in a basement in a laundromat. Yup. Nice front loading stainless steel washers & dryers. Spotless. Camping? Need a shower? They have them there too. Multipurpose facility. Also currently housing works from the Jasper Artist's Guild while they search for a new permanent display space. Yay community!


Adirondack chairs and grazing geese on the front lawn of the Jasper Park Lodge, where I got to stay as a guest in the staff residences.


Trains! I love them! I don't love the thought of getting arrested, even by CN police so I obeyed and took my photos of the rail yard from the parking lot and did this sketch in the blazing sun sitting on a curb right in front of the chain link fence. That fence and I were pretty close for half an hour, so I figured it deserved to make it into the drawing.


Totem pole! A new one since I photographed it last. The old one was a raven totem which has been returned to Old Masset. This one was commissioned by the Parks and raised in the summer of 2011 with an official Haida ceremony and everything. It's called the 2 Brothers Totem. The creature at the very base of the pole is a dragonfly. There is also a bear and a mountain goat in the carving, as well as both brother's and the daughter of one of the brothers.

The show is now up at Cafe Haven in Sherwood Park and my brain is whispering "naptime....." to me so I had best give in.

I'm almost positive I will enjoy the sudden summer much better after my nap.