A tiny head...a menacing glare

"monkey suit", 5" x 7" ink & acrylic on canvas

I had a chickadee give me heck this morning. No, I didn't start my morning with beer...I had regular black tea. I was in the studio, sitting in front of my window at my work table...when I hear this VERY close very distinct "cheese bur-ger" call right outside my window. I peer over my laptop screen....and there is this little chickadee, hammering away at my window sill....then peering in my window to glare at me....hammering at the sill....peering in....I kid you not! Our windows are very old, the kind where you put the outside panes on in the winter (which are glass), and switch them out with screens in the summer. So on the storm windows are 3 little holes at the bottom. I'm not sure what the holes are for...air circulation maybe and to prevent rot and moisture build up....but this little chickadee thought it was a feeder, and was mad as heck there was no seed. I guess I should go and get a feeder then.

Now I'm working away at the "Re: Cycled threads" show....better known as "the show that goes up in April". This little guy is a preliminary...and I'm not sure if he'll end up in the show or not. I think there will be some color changes and textural additions. But he's quirky and fun, and that is the look I'm going for.

Dinner is now out of the oven, but not in my belly. This needs to be addressed pronto. Enjoy the last few hours of your long weekend...and feed your local chickadees!