a trusting soul

It's April in Alberta....I know better than to be cocky and wear flats with no socks....20+ cm of snow in Edmonton today, and it's still falling. The nice thing is that's it's not dark at 4pm and it's not really cold out because of the snow. The snow was almost entirely gone Wednesday afternoon.....now it looks like we all went into a coma over the summer and awoke in November. The shoveling continues. My other 30"x 36" canvas has the paper and the first layer of self-leveling gel on it and is laying haphazardly on the studio floor in front of the heat register so it will dry a bit faster. Wedding dress design ideas have been submitted to my friend, and now I'm winding down from the day. Ginger tea is in the works. Eyelids are getting heavy. I may stay awake long enough to imbibe some ginger tea. I might not. It is past my preferred bedtime at this point.

I didn't paint this ghost on the side of this weathered and leaning shed, but I do pass it on my way back to Edmonton from visits in Lethbridge and think "shoot, I want a picture of that before they get torn down". It's three sheds in a row and this one's lean is being supported by an electrical pole. The other two are just off to the right out of the shot and not leaning so precariously. I don't know who the artist is, but the addition of the ghost is pretty recent....like in the last year or so. I'm so glad I finally got a photo. How long will those sheds remain standing? There was a fantastic barn about 10 minutes approach from Red Deer, and the roof finally collapsed onto the rest of the structure. It's kind of sad, but it looks as though it hasn't been used in decades. Slowly I'm noticing these beloved, abandoned and severely weathered structures finally giving way to the elements. I feel like I've been to slow to get my camera and get shots of them....taking for granted they will always be there to capture the next time I come around. Clearly not. It's like ideas I have for poems or painting series. I just trust that it's a rad enough idea or phrase that I should remember it for later. Then I frustrate myself by forgetting it, or not remembering it exactly. But then there are those times when I don't remember something exactly and plug away at the idea anyway....and it turns out better than I had pictured in my head.

Sometimes it's a mixed blessing (creatively) being a trusting soul...especially to oneself.

PS. Tomorrow there should be a terrific preview of the new painting!