a very long walk, indeed

What are you doing right now? I mean besides reading this. Do you have time to listen to something great? I am a HUGE fan of radio. I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but if not. I am. I love listening to things while I paint. The trouble is, I listen to things and then get inspired and start plotting trips....and it's funny to me because in my last post I was remarking how wonderful it is to be home! And it is. I love home. I love Edmonton, I love spending sunny days in the studio and backyard. But I do LOVE to travel.

So while I painted this:

(quebec postcard #9: just up that hill)

I listened to this:


(Scroll to the bottom of the screen and hit the little play arrow icon thingy. You can't pause it, so you need about a 45 - 60 minute gap to listen to it, but it's worth it. I promise!)

The two things are only related in the fact that I love to travel and it's a radio program about a particular trip I have become VERY interested in lately....and that the postcard I just finished is from my recent trip to Quebec City. (Wait, that's kind of 3 things.) The radio program is about my two OTHER favorite things. (I have been teased about having a lot of favorites.) #1 being Oliver Schroer and his lovely album 'Camino' which is by far, the thing I listen to most in the studio while painting. #2 being a story about Mr. Schroer's trip along the Santiago de Compostela....which is a 1000km trek that starts in France and ends in Spain. I started learning about this when Jay mentioned it was something he'd like to do. It will take about 2 months. We watched a really great movie about it (called 'The Way', directed by Emilio Estevez and starring him and his dad, Martin Sheen....and you should probably give that a watch. It's a gooder!), and then I stumbled across this radio documentary about one of my favorite Canadian folk artists.....and as it turns out, the album of his that I LOVE listening to was recorded in various cathedrals he had the pleasure of playing in along the way. I love how it's all linked. So, Jay and I have come up with a goal that we'd like to walk the 'Camino' in 2014, when he is finished school.

Egads! I haven't been to Europe yet. What an amazing introduction that would be! An artistic pilgrimage with my favorite bearded fellow.

Enough day dreaming now. You have something to listen to and I have things to paint. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.