A very serious business, indeed!

Some people take their painting very seriously. I have worked in two different art stores now in two different cities and have come a across a variety of artist types. There are the casual students...timid, clinging to their lists looking very overwhelmed at shelves and shelves of tiny labels and colors. "It has to be THIS color, THIS brand, THIS blue...". Then there are the laid back students. "This is looks about the right color....and I'll take this paper because it's a bit cheaper. That should do, right?" Then there are the senior artists. They have been at this for a while. They ask about paper weights, don't want any marks or defects, are very particular about their brushes and will only buy certain brands. They don't deviate from the tried and true....and obviously you are too young to understand. (sigh) Then there are what I call the experimental artists. I like them. I'm one of them. They are easy going. You can make recommendations to them. They ask questions like; "What can this do? Can I get this effect with this? What do YOU use?" They grab stuff they have never tried using....big grins on their faces. New stuff! Don't know what the heck to do with it....but here I go! They seriously love creating....but aren't so serious about their work that they can't deviate from what they normally do and have a bit of fun. I myself like variety. Commissions are fun....challenging at times, but they get you to paint things that you wouldn't normally paint. Really, it's just practice. You get better every time you pick up that pencil and make a mark, or every time you throw on the wheel or apply your brush to canvas. Sometimes I feel like I get stuck in a rut and need to paint something different. I don't like to JUST paint buildings, or JUST birds with captions, or JUST paint or JUST do mixed media. Variety is the spice (certainly!) of creative life. And so....I painted an octopus and a friend of mine snapped it up. This is Edwin.

"oh, i sea" ink & acrylic on canvas, 6" x 24" SOLD

I do have a lovely winter scape I want to paint....but first I have some funny little zebra paintings in mind, mostly because I have never painted pictures of zebras. It's time to get my "stripe" on. I take this painting of zebra's very seriously. They seriously going to be very funny.