A very sunny Sunday

"caution to the wind" (in progress) 20" x 20"

Boy is it EVER! I'll need to put sunscreen on while I am rescuing the lilies from the quack grass. I don't mind though....everything is so green and lovely. Only think I'm not a big fan of are the 6 rather large anthills that have sprouted up in the front yard. I need to find some natural way to deter them...and something that won't make Gershwin sick because it's where we play frisbee!

I have an ink drawing I've been working on but it's not finished yet so I'm posting the painting I'm working (in progress, of course) instead. Funny how I don't want to post unfinished DRAWINGS....but unfinished paintings are fine. Hmmmm...not sure what that is about but at least there is something to post!

So this stage is layer #4....and there is still a lot more to do on it. I made my second trip to the art store this week and found some lovely hand woven paper that I thought about while sleeping. This solves the problem of what to do for the dandelion fuzz! I finally broke down and bought a self-healing cutting board too, as for this painting I will have to cut the paper to fit, rather than my usual approach of just randomly sticking it on as is or tearing it up. I really want to finish this today, but it's so nice out and I equally yearn to be out in the sun playing in the dirt...so the time needs to be divided. There is just nothing for it. But I got this far this morning. Not bad for a Sunday morning studio session!

Later tonite is a potluck at work and a latte art smack down...oh stellar rosetta-pouring skills....don't fail me now!!