a walk in the woods

We got spoiled over the Christmas holidays. We went almost every day to the Terwillegar dog park to walk our 2 dogs and Chester the greyhound (who we dog sat over the Christmas break). We had a couple of really sunny, not to cold days and on in particular that was perfect for picture taking....and so I did. My favorite photo from that day is one I based this painting off of. Jason was just disappearing into the trees at the top of the small hill; and the shadows from the trees were curving really nicely due to the way the snow had been packed down by so many feet on the trail. Jason and I are pretty hard to miss in our winter coats. His is a very bright orange and mine is a sunflower yellow. We look like very colorful marshmallows. He made it into the painting with his bright, puffy coat. a657_terwillegardogpark

'a sunny day at the Terwillegar dog park'

mixed media on canvas, 24" x 24"


Today was a most productive day in the studio. I am 6 paintings into a cute little series with animals that I have been posting sneak peeks on in my instagram feed. I'm waiting until I'm finished the series before I share it, I think. I have 2 more little birch panels left to add and I'm already leaving masking tape notes on the 3x18 birch panels that have been sitting in the studio now for a few months. So many ideas. Today I also treated myself to 2 new watercolor pads; one hot pressed and one cold pressed. This year I want to paint more with watercolor, rather than just leaving it for my travel journal. That, and I'm working hard at not posting all my new paintings right after I finish them. The goal is to post less, but post more pieces when I do post. Or something to that effect. I'm not really sure how that's going to work, but I am penciling in dates of things happening this year so far in terms of shows and art festivals I want to participate in....and I need to do something different so I have enough pieces to sell at these things. It could all fall apart and I could just revert to old habits of sharing what I've finished right away because I'm just too excited to keep it to myself. But I'm going to try and hold back a bit. So far so good. I could have shared with you all 7 newly finished pieces, but I abstained! Go me?

Yea. Go me!