a 'what's up?' in a pictorial and abbreviated manner

Well hi! So much has happened lately, I'm not even sure where to start. My trip to Winnipeg was awesome. I did so much sketching and visiting and milling about in and around Winnipeg. There is so much to see and draw....and so. many. churches! Goodness. Looking back I'm sure someone will interpret this travel sketchbook as my 'religious period', but in reality the churches were numerous, historical and fascinating. And I was happy to draw them. I won't post all the sketches here, but here are some of my favs!

(bridge in Saskatoon)

(Ukranian Orthodox church by right beside the Yellowhead hwy, passing Insinger, SK)

(Saint Boniface Cathedral, Winnipeg)

(near Osborne Village, Winnipeg)

(St. Andrew's Church, one of the oldest churches in Canada. Winnipeg)

If you haven't seen these before and want to see the other 11 from that trip, they are located on my facebook fanpage.

Got back from my trip and launched right into finishing up my show for April, which is now hanging at the Next Act Pub in Edmonton. Then, I got married this past weekend. A nice small, intimate affair right in our living room, with a bar-b-que promptly after. It snowed all day! Now, I am working on some commissions before we go to Quebec City for honeymoon #1 at the end of this month. Luke is adjusting well. He still hates having his picture taken but he's good with having a bath. Baby steps, right? He'll end up on canvas sooner or later. Now that the dust has settled from a crazy but very fun couple of weeks, this is what life is looking like as of, well....right now:

(new painting 'in between, exchange district, Winnipeg' ready to be taken to the cafe and hung)

(base for a commission I'm working on. It's a ripped up transit map from Toronto)

(a peek at the new little animal piece called "Mag's pie")

And now to walk puppies and enjoy the last little bit of my day off. More posts to come. I don't like such a long lapse between posts. Oh life and it's busyness. Happy creating, friends!