A wink and a nod

"self portrait with killer headphones" pen & soft pencil crayon on paper

Ok....so this isn't just about one-a-days anymore. This seems to be about my daily adventures in creativity. Granted, I'm still doing something art related once a day. Details, details....

It's kind of disorienting not having a show to work on right now....but nice too. Working in pen takes concentration and patience, but it's also something I can take with me anywhere, and capture things as they happen. When I'm drawing a self portrait though, I like to work from a photograph...mostly because I want to draw an interesting expression on my face, rather that dead pan and totally relaxed. If you've ever modeled for drawing classes...you get very tired holding and expression or pose for anything over 5 minutes. I wonder how mimes and performance artists do it. I used to be a clothed model for drawing classes...which was good, because A) I'm not an exhibitionist and B) one of the instructors I modeled for was my old high school art teacher! (awkward!) This is me with my new headphones...and hat to cover my crazy morning hair. (Those are some stellar headphones!)

The soft pencil crayons I used don't have as much wax in them as regular ones...so you can layer colors and get more depth. I only have a few colors, but my birthday is coming up, so maybe I'll splurge and get a set. Just what I need....MORE art supplies. *wink*