a winter's ale

Commission #5 has JUST been completed....like not even half an hour ago. Posted. The buyer has seen it...all the way in how-the-heck-do-you-get-that-far-north Northwest Territories (thank you, facebook!) and thankfully, loves it. The emails I needed to get sent are sent. Applications in. Dinner eaten. Dog walked. Both lungs still intact and not trying to cough them up anymore...the 'Road Home' is streaming lazily on my mac as I type this and I am not one bit sleepy. So I cracked open the bottle of Samuel Smith's Winter Ale that I had nestled in the back of my fridge. I think it's well deserved. Also....commission #14 just came in tonight. 14 commission before Christmas. Like....holy crap! So, here is #5:

the omen

mixed media on canvas, 11" x 14"

Some of my most favorite subjects to paint....all mixed together. Poppies. Trees. Crows. The background (though it's difficult to see due to the size of the photo) are from a book on the meaning of tarot cards. I liked the printing on the pages, and the pages themselves were little so that's what prompted me to use them. I liked the idea of a murder of crows coming together to form on large crow and I had fun playing with the viewers perspective....like they are lying in the poppies starring up at the trees and seeing the large crow form from the flock. Commissions can be such an interesting challenge.

And speaking of interesting challenges, I received an interesting email from a gallery in New York wanting to know if I wanted to have a show. Commissions. Shows. Postcard giveaway. So many things to think about while I sip my winter ale.