A winter's night

I'm thankful I don't have anywhere I need to be this evening as the snow continues to blanket the streets. I hear we are supposed to get 20cm by tomorrow morning. It's light and fluffy and we three are home and safe...so it can snow all it wants! I was just itching to get into the studio today and at the very least finish the little owl painting I started yesterday. I wasn't a huge fan of the outline, and I kept getting ideas of how to finish it while at work. I did end up finishing it....and it's posted in the gallery under '2011' works. I'm not sure what kind of owl it is and if you are really good at identifying owls I'm not sure if you will be able to tell what kind it is as I wasn't very true to it's markings. Still....he's cute and very owl like and it was a fun painting to work on.

"Quidi Vidi" phase two?

After I finished the owl painting, I began working on the Quidi Vidi painting and here is what it looks like so far. I've been in the studio a number of hours this evening and I think it's getting to be time to clean the brushes and work in the sketchbook for a bit. The photo that I took for this painting has a nice splash of early fall evening gold washing over everything. It's challenging to get the light right, but it's been a good challenge. Between this painting, "freezing my aspen off" and "the road to Ferryland", I think I'm beginning to get the hang of mixing color for that time of day. At the very least, I'm please with how the paintings are turning out.

On the way home from Lethbridge after Christmas I got some great photos of the old American Hotel in Fort Mcleod....and as an added bonus, there was some great old Chrysler on a flat bed right beside it! Best unplanned photo opportunity ever! One of those photos is making it as a painting into the Sugarbowl show FOR SURE!

I think that's enough scheming for now....there is a dog to be walked.