.....aaaaaaaaaaand we're back!

"fish sketch" pencil on paper

So....I had a wonderful Christmas, that was busier than I anticipated, and here I am finally with a moment to sketch and write! Bit of a whirlwind...picked up a few extra shifts at my favorite cafe, got to go on a parks patrol and see some lovely countryside down here that I haven't seen before, ate a lot of good food, drank some really tasty things....napped excessively and haven't laced up my runners once! Nor have I overeaten though, so it balances out nicely.

Today's sketch is of a fish because...well...why not? I like to change it up, and draw things I don't normally....so, here's a sketch of a walleye for a future painting. I am also in the process of loading photos from the parks patrol onto my wee computer...so many lovely wintry landscapes! Oodles of ideas to keep me busy. Today I might just break out those watercolors....or I might nap...or both.

I hope you all had a very happy Christmas and we'll do this again tomorrow.