Absence makes the heart grow fonder

"spooning" ink on paper in moleskin sketchbook

Most times when I'm working in the studio I find myself thinking about what to post on this blog. I spend a lot of time IN the creative process and not too much time thinking about it. That is one of the really great things about teaching (and blogging) is that it forces you to think about your process...what inspires you and how you go about creating a painting or drawing. Kind of like driving. You just get so used to it you don't think about HOW you do it; however, as soon as a kid asks why you do something while driving, like signaling for example, you need to stop and think about the process. It's a different part of the brain to get into and it's not always easy to communicate what's going on in there.

Today I got the house in order after an absence so I could get into the studio and concentrate. I put one of the big 24" x 30" canvases onto the easel, took off the plastic and base coated it a nice warmish grey color....and then I got groceries and made dinner while it was drying. I'm really excited about this canvas. I thought about it a lot while I was digging down south. I thought about what picture I might paint from from our trip to the NWT and how I might go about painting it. I decided to paint this painting with as much love as possible and just paint it my favorite way. Red outline, bright bold colors and slightly wonky perspective. It's fun to try new things and the building abstracts have been a blast...but this one I want to paint just because....well, I love to paint. There's not much to the painting at the moment so I posted this sketch from my recent southern Alberta sojourn instead. I guess I took a bit too long getting the house in order before getting to work in the studio.

Oh well. Even a little bit of time in the studio is better than nothing.