after hours cafe shenanigans @ Transcend Garneau!

Ah the benefits of having keys. The cafe I work at the in the Garneau area of Edmonton (near the U of A) is a pretty bustling place. It has a pretty cool interior. The main wall opposite the espresso bar area is all exposed brick, and the floor was restored back to it's original state (and I can't for the life of me think of what the type and style of our floor is called) from the carpet it was covered with when our space was a pizza joint for 40 some odd years. The wall behind the espresso bar is painted in black chalk board and magnetic paint, and since we opened, this cafe has sported a magnetic menu. I kept joking that they shouldn't have told me it was a chalk board wall....that is a lot of 'empty canvas' and I just so happen to have a small arsenal of chalk at home AND a key AND security code to the place.I mean...that could spell trouble.

But I was patient. And one boss said go for it! So here is how it looks so far:

(standing on the coffee counter, looking left toward the windows. main menu wall)

(trusty sketchbook and partial chalk arsenal)

(my feet and the ladder acting like an extension of the counter so I can draw above the door to the kitchen)

(some of the mess I made of the cafe. bags of coffee do not normally go there)

(standing on the coffee counter, looking to the right above the door to the kitchen)

(wine glass with wine glass drawing just behind and wonky bottle sketch to the right)

(little drawing above the tea pots, with some of our cute pots and jars of tea)

(silly wine glass drawings with one broken wine glass and the same wonky bottle. from the left)

(the food menu located above the door to the kitchen, with short food descriptions)

(the coffee counter, below the wine shelf. it says 'single origin beans $16 and up')

There is still a space above the cupboards to the right of the kitchen door that I need to tackle. Tonight, and then the menu board/wall is complete. Gosh I love working with chalk and getting chalky fingers...and leaving little chalky finger prints everywhere. I cleaned them all up though before I left the cafe late last night.

I think.