After the flood

"building abstract #3" mixed media on canvas, 16" x 16" $270

Currently I hold 3 days jobs BESIDES painting. 1. I work at a neighborhood cafe called Mandolin Books & Coffee, 2. I work with the U of L drawing archeological artifacts for one of the professors and 3. I work at Transcend Garneau, which just opened yesterday. Yesterday went went better. Mostly because when we opened Transcend this morning at 7 there wasn't two inches of water covering the floor, but we survived, got a few mentions in the Edmonton journal and are doing very well. I'm hoping to have some art work in there soon. There are a few empty walls I am hoping to take over, in addition to the bathroom walls...

Here is a brief story of opening day and the ensuing adventures:

Art wise I'm having a lot of fun with the building abstracts, and am thinking there might be more. I have some great shots of houses in Halifax, and some cool downtown buildings from there too that I would like to incorporate in the series. It will have to wait until at least Monday I am now out of canvas. There is just something about historical east coast architecture....and all that brick work! This painting is from another segment of great historical buildings in the Lethbridge downtown area. I'm uncertain as to why the building has "Oliver" done in brick work at it's top...if you know, send me an email.

It's been a tiring and slightly stressful couple of days....I'm trying to convince myself to go for a run and then it will be time for steak and stuffed peppers. I love Saturdays.