Monday. I've painted an outline that I love on the birch panel I previously hated. The two little pieces I started and finished yesterday (tobogganers 1 & 2) that at first I didn't like, I saw this morning that I did like them and then went and hung them at the Garneau cafe. (They are posted in the gallery section in '2013 works') Yesterday was not a good day for painting in the studio to be sure. I disliked everything I was working on. Absolutely everything. So I washed my brushes and put my paints away, washed some dishes and had a nap. Then I went for a run. Then I decided I didn't hate my pieces, but that it was best not to work on them anymore. So I made dinner, chatted with the bearded dude when he got home and snuggled my dogs on the couch while I continued to work through book four of the Game of Thrones series.

Today is a much better creative day....and I scored a lovely unfinished piece from the Paint Spot. They have a project that was casually calledΒ  the "&*@# Painting Challenge" last year, and considering what my attitude was yesterday, I thought it a fitting thing to participate in. I don't have any unfinished works to contribute, but the one I picked to finish is the interesting hoodoo looking one which was started 4 years ago by Kim Fjordbotten, the owner. I love collaborative efforts.

Then I made a list of side projects (trade of service) I need to get done this year.

I purchased the canvases I need for my latest commissions.

Delicious coffee was consumed.

CBC radio 2 is streaming from my laptop.

Now to start crossing things off...