all good things

It's October 28th. I was writing out a receipt for a painting and wondering how? How is it the end of October already?

A month ago it was still fairly light out, enough so I was still riding my bike to work. Before the puppy. Before needing the car to dash home quick at lunch and let out the puppy to relieve her tiny bladder. Coltrane is doing well. She's only made a few tiny mistakes when she gets excited to see me or if a friend stops by to visit, otherwise she is able to hold her bladder until I let her out. She's just shy of 4 months old. She also knows sit, paw, other paw, down, off (sometimes), come (if there isn't anything too interesting grabbing her attention at the time) and her name (very well). She is also no longer in the little dog crate. She now takes up one half of the big dog crate. How did we get here already.

Bike rides, yes. I was lamenting a bit about my lack of those as of late. Alas, I am not a winter rider. Not yet. Maybe one day. But I did happen to snap a wonderful photo on my last bike ride to work for the season and paint this from it:

gateway motel sign at sunrise, mixed media on canvas, 30x30 (in)

gateway motel sign at sunrise, mixed media on canvas, 30x30 (in)

Let's see, what else. A few pieces have sold from my show at the High Level Diner. Also, this week was my 2nd time curling and my first fall on the ice, complete with head smack and short sit-out-of-shame. No real damage done. Only my pride. Thank goodness for all this hair. I'm not terrible at curling, but I'm not great either. I am having a good time at it and my team mates are very patient with me, plus I've already paid for my spot on the team for the season, so I informed them last night after their words of encouragement to keep at it that they were indeed stuck with me to the bitter end.

I'm slacking off this week and keeping it social. Hockey games, scotch tastings, dinners out, and early bed times. It's been bliss.

November will be spent preparing for the next 2 pop-up markets at Latitude 53. And working on Christmasy things. And starting a new knitting project. And visiting Toronto again.

There are a lot of things going on around here. All of them good.

I hope you are keeping well and busy as the nights lengthen and the air becomes crisper.