All the cool kids hang out in the shipping area

untitled pencil on paper in my sketchbook

It's true...they do! Or at least some of the ones I know do. The shipping area of the paint spot is a great source of encouragement, knowledge and inspiration when I go and visit. The staff there are just so great...and all of them being artists, I need to make sure I have at least a half hour to kill because a 'quick' trip easily becomes an hour gone learning about products, techniques, galleries that are looking for artists and someone giving me heck for painting a subject that they are now inspired to paint also. (Sorry 'bout your luck Angella! Get on that bison, hey?)

The bison hasn't changed much since my post yesterday. I felt the urge to leave it a bit while I thought about how to approach it next...and then I got a few ideas that were kicking around my head...including this one. I've painted this before...just a quick watercolor of it about a year ago, but it seemed unfinished. Then the other morning just before my alarm went off at 5:15 (yes, AM!) the image came together suddenly in my head so I sketched it out. It's screaming for a wide, narrow canvas and mixed media. (oh the ink....oh the watercolor paper....oh what will I use for dandelion fuzz?)I like how the viewer is just below and slightly level with the dandelions in the foreground...and the birds are morphing from the seeds that have started to blow away.

AFTER the commissions, but at the very least the idea is now safely on paper where it can be viewed to refresh my memory if need be. I've seen a few things around the garden that I wouldn't mind photographing and sketching too...but I can capture those while I'm rescuing the lilies from the encroaching quack grass. Oh you previous tenants leaving the beds just willy-nilly! Those poor lilies...what were you thinking?!

I'm thinking....roasted beet salad and watermelon...and chicken. Something with chicken...not to draw, but to eat.

Happy Friday!