Almost there!

"perched" ink & acrylic on canvas, 8" x 16" $160

This hacker business has been super annoying....and mostly for you, the person visiting this site, and for the kind gentleman cleaning up the mess they made of my site. I hope this is the last I will be venting on here about it. Enough already! Kinks are slowly being worked be patient, check back and we'll get through this.

Anyhow...other than that, creative things are well. So well in fact that I got ASKED to do a show. Seriously! And not one....but TWO! It's been the kind of day where I need to pause and make sure that this is REALLY happening. So far, I have one show lined up for 2011...and am working on ideas for a 3 person show in 2011....and still waiting to confirm a date from another vendor for the 3rd show of 2011...and then I think I should stop there. Three shows in one year, plus a wedding, plus a honeymoon = one exuberant and very tired Justina. But what very good reasons to be tired.

I think this might be the last of the peacock paintings for a bit....though they have been really fun. I really love using interference paint in my work, only it doesn't show in the photos that well. His feathers have a lovely blue and green iridescence to them in person. There is also a LOT of ink. Man it takes a long time to dry. (I don't think I would be a very good painter in oil...I would get much too impatient and muddy all the colors.) I like how the peacock stands out from the rest of the painting. He kind of looks like he's going to fly off the page, and I like that effect. His feathers look kind of soft. Seriously cool birds.

Now what? Well, a friend of mine took some super-fantastic photos of her trip to the Vancouver aquarium. Now I have a small stash of lovely jellyfish images to paint! Hooray for friends and their stellar picture taking abilities....and for tagging me in these photos on Facebook so I can see them! Yes, MORE jellyfish soon to come!