An absence of blue paint

I worked at Starbucks a few years ago (for a number of years) and had work for display over the fireplace there. I sold a lot of work from that area and brought in new paintings as fast as they sold or dried, so there was always something new to look at. One of the regulars joked with me one morning about the group of paintings I had hanging. Most of the subject matter involved blue sky and he asked if there had been a sale on blue paint by chance. Smart alek. No, there hadn't been...but I do love paintings with lots of sky in them and normally it is blue. I'm reminded of this humorous incident because I just finished and posted a painting today called "a poplar autumn hangout" and realized that there is no blue in it ANYWHERE. (painting is posted on this site in the gallery section if you want to have a look) I painted this because I've been thinking about it for a couple of weeks now and I had the time to get it on canvas today and be done with it. However, while I was waiting for the various layers of it to dry, I did manage to outline my first painting from Newfoundland....and I'm hoping to finish it tonite! But this blog is still about the Newfoundland sketches for the moment.

ink & watercolor on paper in sketchbook (2 pages)

This one is a sketch I did on the boardwalk just before the trail winds around the cliff base on the way to Signal Hill just after you leave the cute fishing village "the Battery". (and it spans two page lengths) I stumbled on the path through the battery by accident. I thought the path I was taking was just a lovely meander onto a hill top that overlooked St. John's harbor...but it kept going, and pretty soon I was walking across someone's deck, and onto someone else's garden path and then through a very narrow space between the front of one house and the back of the other. But there were signs pointing that direction...I was indeed on a path and not trespassing! Phew. The road ways in this little village were very steep in parts and only wide enough for a truck to drive through very carefully. Craziness! And the houses...some were butted up right against large rocks, some were perched on jut-outs from the cliff or incorporated the rock into their foundation. In one case someone had painted the rock that their house was on the same bright red as the rest of the exterior of the house! There were some houses right on the water too, with some old sketchy decks made of thin logs. One house I think was being removed, as it was very old looking and laying on it's side atop one of the not very safe looking decks. Best neighborhood walk in my life so far. Most memorable too.