an empty space

I noticed something a bit sad on my bike ride to work today. As I was coming down the little hill in the parking lot of the Gateway Motel, behind the sign I love to paint so much, there was an empty space on the set of metal pillars that stand just a few feet in front of the free-standing letters that spell 'motel'. The little green 'gateway motel' sign is gone. I'm not sure when this happened, but am I ever glad I got a good photo of it last summer and painted this from it:

gateway motel #5, mixed media on canvas, 16x16 (in)

gateway motel #5, mixed media on canvas, 16x16 (in)

I'm pretty certain that mini instax shot I took that's pictured above the canvas is the only shot I have of that little sign. Where did it go? Who took it?! I sure hope it didn't end up in a junk pile. I hope it's resting on someone's mantle at home, or in a much loved workshop. My hope is it didn't fall prey to shenanigans of an unfortunate kind. They don't make signs like that anymore.

Whatever happened to it, it settles in my mind to paint a second version of this piece. A larger version. This version is going into my show down in Rosebud next month. I might mark it 'collection of the artist' and selfishly keep it for myself. My mind isn't made up on that matter yet.

Well, at least it's biking season again, for those of us summer-only cyclists.